Over 40 boogie woogie and New Orleans pianists from around the world are kindly each donating a track which we are releasing on 2 double albums, ‘Boogie Woogie for Ukraine’ Volumes 1 and 2. Album proceeds will be donated to Unicef to support their work in alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Europe following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The release date and a link to purchase the albums will be published here as soon as it they are available. We also have a Boogie Woogie for Ukraine Facebook page where we are posting additional details about the fundraising project.

Donating artists confirmed so far

Axel Zwingenberger
Balázs Daniel
Ben Levin
Ben Toury
Big John Carter
Bob Hall and George Green
Bruno Duye
Carl Sonny Leyland
Cary C Banks
Chris Conz Trio
Chris Copen
Chris Corcoran Band
Christian Cristl
Cili Marsall
Claire Braund
Claire Hamlin
Dale storr
Diz Watson
Dom Pipkin
Dominik Abramowicz
Eeco Rijken Rapp
Ethan Leinwand
Geert Van Bon
Henri Herbert
Izi Styles
Jan Luley
Jojo and Jack Carpenter
Jon Cleary
Jools Holland
Julian Phillips
Katharina Alber
Liam Grundy
Lluis Coloma
Matt Little
Michael Drexler
Michael Hortig
Michael Janssens
Nico Brina
Nirek Mokar
Patrick Smet
Paul San Martin
Ricky Nye
Sue Palmer
The French Boogie Boys
The Huggy J.B. Trio
Tom Seals
Tor E Bekken
Ulrike Gaate
Wendy Dewitt