This not for profit site aims to inspire and help pianists who want to learn and develop their boogie-woogie playing. This music is my passion and I hope it can become yours too! Here’s what you can find:

Inspiring new pianists

I hope to inspire pianists, particularly young people, to discover and play this style of music. The Beginners page is designed to encourage pianists who are new to boogie-woogie piano to get started.

Quality sheet music

After a professional pianist contacted me asking where to find a particular transcript, I realised that there was no comprehensive list on the web of where to find high quality boogie-woogie piano sheet music. My aim is to provide that service. Thank you to the dedicated and generous enthusiasts who take the time to transcribe. It is a labour of love. It is also critical to the archiving and survival of this style. If we make it easy for pianists to access and learn, then the music will live on and grow.

Artist spotlight

There are many great artists past and present to explore on the Artists page. Enjoy and draw from their styles as you develop your own. In particular I aim to spotlight the amazing female boogie-woogie pianists out there. I want to raise their profile, turn you onto some rockin’ tunes you might not have heard and challenge the misconception that girls can’t play this style. Girls can, girls do and girls nail it!

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About me

I’m not a professional musician but I am a professional lover of boogie-woogie piano! I live in the UK and work full-time in an office. I’m a mum, wife, chief door operator for two daft cats and player of a well-loved piano. I’m proof that with determination you can fit in time to learn, practise and enjoy boogie-woogie piano whilst juggling life. You can hear a little of my playing on this ‘One Minute Boogie Challenge‘ YouTube post.

I run this site because I want this style of music to be remembered, played, enjoyed, kept alive and spread by other pianists, who I hope will themselves go on to write, share and perform new boogie-woogie piano songs.

All views on this site are my own. I strive to be as accurate as possible with content shared. I really hope you find the site useful. Feel free to share your comments and suggestions with me at

All my boogie woogie best,
Claire Braund